Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Virtualization for the home

Just went through a whirlwind tour of virtualization choices for the home machine - not much is happening yet.

Seems like the choices were Xen by Citrix, VMWare, and VirtualBox. (The Windows 7 Professional and up virtualization is only useful for other windows boxes, and I'm interested in linux as well)
I've some experience with VirtualBox in the past, but it is Oracle tainted now and didn't want to use it. My findings were:
Xen needs to be the host OS - I can't run windows as the host OS and virtualize under it. Being that I still cling to the dream of playing video games on this rig as well, the complications seem to outweigh the Free aspect of the hypervisor. This seems to make a lot more sense if you have a true server you're working on, or can afford to take your system down while you set up the hypervisor OS.

I didn't want to do that because I don't want the downtime.

So, VMWare is the other option if I rule out VirtualBox. Unfortunately, it's $199.
I could evaluate for 30 days, but with a newborn I don't think I'd actually get very far in my evaluation.

So I ended up back at VirtualBox. I have to grudgingly accept it's a pretty good product. Even if you don't jump into any of the oracle tech stack (and I'm not if possible) you can set up virtualization quick and easy.

I'm hoping to set up a solid dev environment for both android and python tinkering; I've been evaluation django and would like to build out the going tharn domain to be something more than a parking lot for two blogs.

So let's see if I can set up a solid Fedora environment to dev and deploy, an ubuntu environment for the darn fun of it all, and a daemon server that will run all my little monsters I develop and deploy.
And all running on Windows 7 because it's ironic and also plays video games.

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