Sunday, January 8, 2012

72 hours into android - 100% sold

Back story: I'm coming from iPhone/iOS since the original iPhone.
While Apple reworked the landscape of what a phone is, their nature leaves the phone. . . stagnant. A consumer appliance.

The carriers are doing their best to do the same to the android - the Samsung Skyrocket I bought from AT&T was fairly absurd, having carrier IQ installed by default. (the nerve!)
But Android's linux.
And Linux can be freed.
So a root later, install ROM Manager, back up the stock ROM and flash a new Ice Cream Sandwich version, sans Carrier IQ. Yes, very much yes.

That was kind of impressive. I started looking for an iTunes-alike to synch my phone, blind to what I actually have.

Then I found Kies Air, and it was over. Turn this on, navigate to the page that your phone tells you to, and BAM! Set your music as ringtones, drag/drop whatever files/music you want into the phone or SD card, delete or add at will.


The apps and customization options seem endless. I know there are/were apps for the iPhone, but this just feels - infinite. Free. The wilderness instead of the garden.

Customize your lock screen. Customize your input method. Customize ringtones, wallpapers, apps, widgets, launcher.

See you later, back to playing with my phone.

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