Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to crack kindle DRM

I somehow zapped the original post.

Nutshell: I've become uncomfortable with the idea that I have access to my books only at Amazon's ok.
I wanted to take steps to protect my investment, and that involves cleaning the DRM from my purchased books.

The old ways - skindle or unswindle - are obsolete and haven't worked since mid-2011.
The new hotness is below.
The best way to utilize the toolkit is as a calibre plugin.

This post will help you as well:

Update: I've attempted to seek remedy with Amazon and it's been to no avail. What seems to have happened is the case failures (which they've known about) cause a current across the Kindle. This causes resets, hard locks and the like. It's all out there on blogs.

Mine had the same case, but I didn't know of the problem so I kept the case on for months after the problems started, and it caused permanent damage to my year old Kindle.

Amazon is basically washing their hands of it saying that their stuff has a year warranty.
Fair enough; I'm the proud owner of a Nook.

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