Sunday, February 26, 2012

a toast to AVG

So, I run Windows in a multi-user household which strongly implies I should run anti-virus of some sort. I'm not allowed to get mad at my wife if she infects everything; I'm supposed to expect this and be able to recover. (by typing that I've guaranteed the next attack vector originates from me, not her)

I run AVG because the price is right. I thought.
Today I received a toast from AVG telling me they have a report for me, showing what they've protected me from.
This report was not on my computer, but on AVG's website.
So the one thing it didn't protect me from is phoning home continuously to AVG about my currently running processes.

And the report is just numbers. For example, it says it protected me from ten file attacks. TEN. I never heard of ONE of these! But there's no link to describe what they were.
Just an ominous 10.

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